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Our technicians have many years of experience in the field working with our company, when you need a repair done we will be their quickly and repair the problem accurately.  Our trucks are fully stocked each day with  parts and supplies,  to help avoid costly time running around to find the parts.    We usually can offer same day repair, but on the very hot and very cold days we can not get to everyone or if a part needs to be special order. 

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Indoor Air Quality

To extend the life of your AC unit K&R recommends a check up on your system at least once a year.  During the hot months of summer we recommend you change out your air filter once a month, the units work harder in the 100+ temps and are running all day.  The dirt that accumulates in the filter can restrict the perfromance of the unit causing additional wear on the parts and increasing your electric bill.  We suggest you use pleated filters, you can pick these up at your nearest home repair store in a 3 pack for under $10.

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is more than just having an A/C unit. Your home’s natural air flow, air ducts, and thermostats are a major factor in the quality of heating/cooling you experience.  Leaks can be a common problem that could be costing you money and sending your cool air  into the attic. 

We offer duct inspections, electronic air cleaner and air purification systems

They control:

- Mold - Odors - Bacteria - Viruses - Dust

​​Preventative Maintenance

We are a certified Trane dealer, however, we sell and service all major brands. We offer discounted pricing on new Trane heat pump and A/C units.

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AC & Heat - Service and Repair

K & R Refrigeration recommends a check up on your system at least once a year.  The tune up will help lengthen the life of your equipment and find minor problems that could create major, costly part replacements later. We offer check ups for 39.95 to 59.95, depending upon your location.

The Arizona heat Pump Council suggests regular maintenance before summer and winter season to keep your system running efficiently and to help assure comfort when you need it most.  Most manufactures require a yearly check up on your unit to maintain the parts warranty.

Sun lakes

Our Largest market is in the Sun Lakes neighborhoods in Chandler. We are in the area daily which means fast response times


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